Our advice for young motorcycle licence holders

You finally have your motorcycle license! Congratulations to you!

After hours of training and road exercises, you are free to ride on your own. But remember, the license does not illustrate all the situations you can experience on a motorcycle.

Therefore, it is essential to build up experience over time to have the right reflexes on the road and to be aware of the mistakes to avoid.

In this article, you will find our advice for young motorcycle license holders and some thoughts on how to get on the road with confidence.

The golden rules of motorcycling

1. Maintain your motorcycle

Safety also means maintaining your motorcycle to avoid mechanical problems. No matter how old your motorcycle is, you should take good care of it and maintain it regularly. Check the condition and pressure of tires, brakes and other safety features. If in doubt, take your bike to a mechanic.

2. Be careful with backpacks

A backpack is very practical for carrying your daily belongings, but it can be dangerous for your back if you fall. Indeed, the objects you carry can damage your spine and cause problems. We advise you to replace its use by storage elements integrated into the bike and to take the bare minimum with you.

3. Detach the lock

To avoid the beginner's mistake, don't forget to unhook your lock or disc-lock before you start. This action will quickly become a reflex, but for young riders, it can sometimes lead to the first crash in a hurry.

4. Analyze the road conditions

The road can be a minefield when riding a two-wheeler. Learn to analyze potential hazards that could cause you to lose control (manhole covers, gravel, puddles, potholes...) and anticipate your trajectories to avoid them. It is important to remain very attentive to these elements while controlling your speed, especially on wet roads.

5. Dosing the brakes

When riding a motorcycle, braking can be complicated to manage. It is important to keep your safety distance, to downshift and to measure your braking between the front and the back to avoid sliding or changing trajectory.

6. Do not pass if visibility is not optimal

Blind overtaking on a motorcycle is responsible for a lot of physical damage, especially when it is done near a truck due to air draft. Before overtaking, make sure you have enough visibility to verify that there are no nearby intersections and that you have room to turn around.

7. Attention to priorities

When riding a motorcycle, don't take the right of way for granted, especially at traffic circles and intersections. Anticipate your trajectories and distances to be safe if a driver cuts you off.

8. Make sure you are seen

The most important thing when riding a motorcycle is to be seen by other motorists by looking for them with your eyes for example. In spite of the headlight which indicates your presence, it is necessary to analyze the other users and the environment for your safety: a parked car which can open its door, a vehicle which puts its blinker while you are about to overtake...

9. Do not overestimate your abilities

Young riders are always eager to take their first rides. But, take the time to get to know your bike and become familiar with riding a two-wheeler. Don't imitate other drivers and don't let yourself be influenced by the group effect which could make you take unnecessary risks. Finally, beware of fatigue, which is often underestimated by young drivers, take regular breaks.

10. Have the right equipment

The Highway Code requires certain equipment: the approved helmet, gloves and reflective vest when stopping on the side of the road. The rest is not considered legally mandatory. Of course, we recommend that you equip yourself with a long-sleeved jacket, protective pants and boots, especially as a beginner. Protective clothing will prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall, and layers of protection are necessary for your safety.

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