How to ride a motorcycle safely in winter?

The night falls earlier, the cold arrives, the fall-winter season is here! For all motorcyclists, these changes require an adaptation and the motorcycle equipment in winter must be modified.

Weather conditions can cause falls with rain, fog, ice. It is therefore important to remain vigilant to this environment and to be careful.

In this article, you will find information on theimportance of motorcycle equipment and our best tips for choosing the right equipment.

The importance of motorcycle equipment

Motorcycle equipment and accessories are essential for the safety and comfort of motorcyclists.

Indeed, falls on motorcycles or scooters are frequent and to avoid serious injuries, it is important to choose the right and safe equipment. If you are a newly licensed rider, find all our advice on safety and equipment.

The other essential element to take into account in the equipment is the comfort. It is essential for the biker to wear a comfortable outfit to feel at ease, to limit discomfort and fatigue during long trips.

Choosing the right motorcycle equipment in winter

Good equipment includes an accessory for each part of your body.

The motorcycle helmet

We recommend that you choose a full-face helmet for better protection of the face and chin. It also provides more protection from the cold and wind.

Buy your new helmet in a store so that it fits your head and your needs. The size of the motorcycle helmet also plays an important role in safety since a helmet that is too large loses protection.

It is very important that your helmet is approved according to current standards and that it is new. Indeed, the slightest impact can reduce its efficiency and damage its structure without being visible. In the same logic, you must absolutely change your helmet in case of an accident.

As for the visor, choose a non-tinted visor for better visual comfort in low light conditions, which is often the case in winter.

The necklace

The neckband adds a layer of protection and provides an extra barrier against the cold in winter.

There are different models that can be adapted to each one according to the required thickness.

Jackets and blousons

In all seasons, you should cover your limbs with clothing to protect yourself from friction in case of a fall.

Choose leather jackets and coats, denim or thick clothing. Do not wear synthetic materials, as they can burn the skin when rubbed.

To maintain an ideal body temperature, choose our Chill Ride heated jacket with its reversible air conditioning system.

To provide effective protection, opt for motorcycle jackets with protective elements and shells as well as reflective elements.

The pants

The legs are very exposed in case of falls on motorcycles and scooters and can suffer many traumas.

It is essential to wear thick and resistant pants. You can also choose waterproof materials for the rain.

In addition, if you want to protect your legs from injury, you can choose airbag pants with CX Air Dynamics technology.

Heated gloves

Gloves are part of the mandatory equipment since 2016. They are essential for the cold in winter and for burns in case of a fall.

There are different thicknesses depending on the season: summer, winter and mid-season. Leather and protective shells provide additional protection.

Finally, for those who are a bit chilly, you can choose heated gloves with Dafy Moto.

The boots

Wraparound motorcycle boots are ideal for winter in the cold and rain. They also help protect the joints. The choice of boots in store is important to select a comfortable model and the right size.

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