How to maintain your motorcycle ?

Having a motorcycle is good, maintaining it is better! 🏍

Maintaining your motorcycle is critical to its safety and performance. First, be sure to research your motorcycle model to find out the recommendations for your model.

We recommend that you wash your motorcycle regularly and do basic checks: tires, brakes, bulbs... For more advanced maintenance, we recommend that you go to a competent mechanic who knows your model.

Washing your motorcycle

Not to mention the visual aspect, cleaning helps maintain your motorcycle. Rain and weather can form corrosion very quickly and affect the value of your bike.

✨ For a good cleaning, you need:

  • Make sure you clean your motorcycle regularly
  • Use the right products
  • Carry out the wash when the motorcycle is cold
  • Place yourself in the shade so that the sun does not alter the products and the paint

When using water to clean your motorcycle, be careful not to overuse the high pressure wash. Despite the effectiveness of this method on dirt, this solution can damage your motorcycle, its paint, its stickers and fragile elements (joints, rods or other) if the right distance is not respected. Also, make sure that there is no stagnant water in your motorcycle after washing.

The degreaser is essential to remove the dirt accumulated on your chain. We recommend that you go to a specialized store to choose the right product. The use of a good cloth is also important, we recommend using microfibers or a clean cloth to avoid scratches on your bike. Our last recommendation on washing is the metal care part. After washing, it is necessary to take care of the mechanical elements by lubricating them (chains, stand...).

Mechanical maintenance of your motorcycle

When it comes to maintaining your motorcycle, you should visit your mechanic every year. The manufacturers also have maintenance deadlines to consider. Nevertheless, we will share with you the most important points of control to take into account. 👨🔧

First of all, the motorcycle is composed of different elements to be considered and monitored:

✅ Fluids: bleed coolant and brake fluid to ensure your motorcycle runs smoothly

✅ Tires: check tire wear and pressure.

✅ The chain: make sure it is tight and sufficiently greased

✅ Brakes: monitor the condition of brake discs and pads for your safety

✅ Oil: change your motorcycle's oil with the right products

To learn more about maintaining your motorcycle, check out this article.

Our advice for the maintenance of your motorcycle

  • Trust a professional for the mechanics.
  • Do not neglect the maintenance of your motorcycle (maintenance = safety).
  • Use products and accessories that are appropriate for your motorcycle model.
  • Check your tire levels, tires and brakes regularly.
  • Store your motorcycle in a garage or under a tarp if you have the possibility.

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