First reversible air conditioning for bikers

the chill ride air conditioning system was born from our passion for motorcycles

The perfect biker gear for all seasons

Our promise?

A reversible air-conditioning system for all seasons, the ideal equipment that temper your body under your jacket. 

Face any temperature,cool down in thesummer to 18°C and warm up in the winter with a temperature of up to 38°C.

The air conditioning is compatible with most motorcycles over 500 CC.

Photo Rider with Chill Ride vest

a light vest

In addition to its lightness, it is a comfortable vest and easy to put on under your favorite jacket.

a customizable temperature

The temperature can vary between 18°C and 38°C according to your preferences, it's up to you!

unlimited autonomy

The vest does not have a battery. It is completely autonomous and does not need to be recharged.

a simple connection

With a simple gesture your vest is operational. You can use it immediately.

Photo of the leader with the Chill Ride vest

Why Chill Ride?

Our mission? To allow all motorcyclists to enjoy their passion regardless of the weather conditions.

Wind, cold and heat are no longer an obstacle to riding a motorcycle. 

With Chill Ride, you won't have to wonder if you'd rather sweat or ride in a t-shirt. We combine comfort and safety for the well-being of our riders.


  • The Chill Ride vest works on the principle of a heating floor. It is composed of a network of hydraulic tubes in which circulates a liquid at controlled temperature that will cool or warm your body.
  • It is the air conditioning module, installed under the top case, which manages the heating or cooling of the liquid before sending it into the vest.
  • Simply connect the vest to the air conditioning module with a quick hip connector to enjoy the first reversible air conditioning for bikers. Enjoy! 🙂

Yes, whether you have an internal airbag (like in&motion) or an external airbag (like Helite turtle), you can combine it with a Chill Ride vest. Just remember to wear your Chill Ride vest UNDER your airbag.

The quality and effectiveness of our products are at the heart of our concerns. Chill Ride was created, tested and validated by motorcyclists. That's why we are confident that you will be satisfied. If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your vest without any need to justify it!

Yes, even when you're stationary, your Chill Ride vest keeps you cool or warm with its active regulation.

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