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  • The Chill Ride vest works on the principle of underfloor heating. It consists of a network of hydraulic tubes through which a temperature-controlled liquid circulates to cool or warm your body.
  • The air-conditioning module, installed under the top case, heats or cools the liquid before sending it into the vest.
  • Simply connect the vest to the air-conditioning module via a quick connector at the hip, and enjoy the first reversible air-conditioning system for bikers. Enjoy! 🙂

Yes ! Whether you have an internal (in&motion type) or external (Helite turtle type) airbag vest, you can combine it with a Chill Ride vest. Just remember to wear your Chill Ride vest UNDER your airbag.

The quality and efficiency of our products are at the heart of our concerns. Chill Ride was created, tested and validated by motorcyclists. That’s why we’re confident you’ll be satisfied. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your vest with no explanation required!

Yes, even when stationary, your Chill Ride vest keeps you cool or warm thanks to its active regulation.


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